Introducing the Gemini System

How did an award winning artist and sculptor, who owns an eclectic gift shop in Historic Biltmore Village, end up an option guru? Let's see ......

The need to take immediate control of her financial future brought Wendy to option trading and the leverage it offers.

Inspired to help other women enjoy the financial security she had found Wendy launched WomenOptionTraders.Com and began giving online classes.
A natural-born teacher, her following grew quickly and so did requests for an easy-to-understand book on options. So in 2009 Wendy co-authored, with Virginia McCullough the book Option Trading In Your Spare Time - A Guide to Financial Independence for Women.

Insightful, comprehensive, and easy-to-read, the book received rave reviews. Then, in 2010, a major uprising ... online traders heard that Wendy's Gemini System produced nearly 100% winning trades and they wanted in.

Wendy's Gemini System puts Profit Probability Potential on YOUR side.

What others are saying...

Hi, Folks...this note is for Wendy, if you could pass it along.

I've had your service, Wendy, for about a month; I bought it after reading your book and getting a promotional booklet in the mail.

Well, after studying and studying with my husband, we tried out CYH in early November. Needless to say, with the whacko back and forth jumps the market has made, CYH seemed to be going nowhere. Fortunately, even though we were tempted to call it quits because nothing had really happened to the option (except for losing money), we decided to "keep the faith." Today, after about 34 days, it paid off.

Margie and Patrick B

Wow! I loved your piece on our own self-induced 'support' and 'resistance' limits we place on our selves by our self talk. I think you have been reading my mail. I have been doing that all of my life, but now I'm ready to try a "new thing."

I am a new subscriber (3 weeks), but I am already seeing some good results. I made good profit on Halliburton (95%) and 50% on Hershey... I held on to Airgas too long and it fell off a cliff due to a renewed takeover bid by Air Products Co. It might yet come back...

Yet, I can see that if I stay with your program, be consistent, persistent and open to learning, I will have positive results. So "thank you!" for being willing to share what you have learned.

Best regards
Carl C

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Unlike other investment services I have been associated with, I see the sincerity and integrity you bring with your system. Just want you to know that I am in this with you and have no doubt that I have finally made the right choice. Thank you and may God bless you!

Morris N.

Hi Wendy, Thank you for a great session! I got a lot out of it, being able to SEE what you were talking about, and I look forward to receiving the Gemini manual which I have ordered. Your story is an inspiration and gives me confidence that I can do this! Kind regards,

Christine F-B

I got your book and I'm learning a lot. My husband is into options and he wants me to learn about it. We went to the book store looking for a book and I found yours. I'm so happy that we got it. Is a very helpful book. Thank you so much.

Josefina R.

Hi Wendy, I have recently started receiving your newsletter and your Gemini System. Thank you for writing in a way that a new investor can understand. Thank you,

Nancy H.